System Requirements:

The Technical Assistance (TA) Tracker Internet application requires that the Windows operating system browser you are using is JavaScript enabled (examples: Firefox 5.X, Internet Explorer 8.x, or later versions of these). For optimal use of the TA Tracker, download and install the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox for Windows. The TA Tracker is not optimized for Mac operating systems. To obtain a free Windows web browser click on one of the two links below and follow their instructions for downloading and installing the browser.

  • Firefox Download Button
  • IE8 Download Button

Additionally, reports in the system can be saved in Adobe Acrobat format (PDFs). To be able to read the PDF file formatted files you need to download and install the Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Click below to download the Acrobat Reader if you need it.

  • Acrobat areader Download Button
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